Amphibians in France.
































































Amphibians in France

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Frogs & Toads / Click on the photo to access file.

Sonneur à ventre jaune  ~~  Bombina Variegata ~~ Yellow bellied toad

  Crapaud commun  ~~  Bufo bufo  ~~  Common toad

  Alyte accoucheur  ~~  Alytes obstetricans  ~~  Midwife toad

Discoglosse peint  ~~  Discoglossus pictus  ~~  Painted frog
  painted frog france

  Pélobate brun  ~~  Pelobates fuscus  ~~  Spadefoot toad

  Pélobate cultripède  ~~  Pelobates cultripes  ~~  Western spadefoot toad
  Photo-Western spadefoot France

  Pélodyte ponctué  ~~  Pelodytes punctatus  ~~  Parsley frog
  Photo-Parsley frog France

  Grenouille rouse  ~~  Rana temporaria  ~~  Common frog
  Photo-Common frog France

  Grenouille agile  ~~  Rana dalmatina  ~ ~  Agile frog 
  Photo-Agile frog France

  Crapaud des Joncs  ~~  Bufo calamita  ~~  Natterjack toad
  Photo-Natterjack toad France

  Rainette Méridionale   ~~  Hyla meridionalis  ~~  Stripeless tree frog
  Rainette Arboricole     ~~  Hyla arborea  ~~  Common tree frog 

  Tree frog France

  Crapaud vert  ~~  Bufo viridis  ~~  Green toad
  Photo Green toad France

  Grenouille rieuse  ~~  Rana ridibunda  ~~  Marsh frog

  Grenouille verte  ~~  Rana kl.esculenta  ~~  Edible frog

  Grenouille de Graf  ~~  Rana kl. grafi  ~~  Graf's frog

  Grenouille de Perez  ~~  Rana perezi  ~~  Perez's frog

  Grenouille de lessona  ~~  Rana lessonae  ~~  Pool frog

  To be added.
  Grenouille champêtre  ~~  Rana arvalis  ~~  Moor frog

 Salamanders & Newts

Salamandre Tachetée  ~~  Salamandra salamandra  ~~  Fire Salamander


 Triton Crêté  ~~  Triturus cristatus  ~~  Crested Newt

 Triton Palmé  ~~  Triturus helveticus  ~~  Palmate Newt

 Triton Marbré  ~~  Triturus marmoratus  ~~  Marbled Newt


Triton Alpestre  ~~  Triturus alpestris  ~~  Alpine Newt

 Triton Ponctué  ~~  Triturus vulgaris  ~~  Smooth Newt

 Triton de Blasius  ~~  
Triturus marmoratus x cristatus

Salamandre de Lanza  ~~  Salamandra lanzai  ~~  Large Alpine Salamander

Salamandre noire  ~~  Salamandra atra  ~~  Alpine Salamander

Pyrenean Brook Salamander or Pyrenean Brook Newt - Calotriton asper formally Euproctus asper - Euprocte des Pyrénées





Photo above. A good roadside / woodland pond.

What at first glance may seem to be a shallow, dirty, untidy mess is in fact a haven for wildlife. A pool like this will provide a breeding place for Newts, Frogs, Toads and Salamanders, it will contain a vast number of aquatic insects and will attract grass snakes as well as numerous birds and mammals. It is also likely to be a major part of a feeding corridor for some bats.

In some years it may dry up completely, this should be of no concern although some management may be required from time to time to remove excess silt. Due to its woodland location there is little danger of pollution.


Photo above. Another interesting pond, this time an old field pond that would have been used for animals in the past. Although there is some small scale risk from sprays being used on the crops, both from drift and leaching, (that's wheat in the field on the opposite side), it appears quite healthy. A quick survey revealed Agile frogs, Marsh frogs, Common toads, Midwife toads (in the surrounding area), Salamander larvae and Palmate newts.


Photo above. Not a pond as such but an area of low lying land that has several seasonal drainage streams running into it from two sides and then exiting from another, creating a seasonal marsh which probably never quite dries out. A quick glance revealed Marsh frogs, Common toads, Palmate newts, Salamander larvae and again Midwife toads in the vicinity. An interesting habitat for a number of species, although there has to be some pollution concern with the run of from the fields that feed the drainage streams.

Photo above. Old stone constructed farmyard pond with a slope for animal access. As can be seen this pond dried out completely in an extremely hot and dry summer, but after refilling with winter rain the following spring saw Palmate newts, Common toads, Marsh frogs, Pool frogs, Great crested newts, Salamander larvae and Midwife toads. Extremely low pollution risk as the farm is now inactive and is used as a private residence.




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