Bees in France


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 and the other species of bees to be found in France


Swarm removal list. If you should see a swarm of bees clustered in your garden you should call a beekeeper immediately to collect them, don't wait.

About honey bees in France. Understanding their life cycle and any  threats and menaces. 

Bee swarms and bees in houses. Trying to avoid having them in the first instance and living with them should they arrive.

Having Honey bees in France. This doesn't have to be complicated or require special training and they can be accommodated in all manner of boxes, containers or cavities.

Understanding the basics about Bumble bees and how everyone can help them.

Complete list of Bumble bee species in France.

Native trees, plants and Shrubs that have been selected for their outstanding importance in providing forage for a large number of bees of all types, (Honey, Bumble & Solitary).

Solitary Bees in France. Terms such as "Carpenter bees", "Mason bees", "Mining bees", "Leaf cutter bees", and "Wool Carder bees" are the ones we most commonly come across and they can be very useful for ordinary people like me in providing a basic understanding of what is a highly complex subject. .