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Birds of Prey that can be seen in Poitou Charentes

Group one – Present in the region throughout the year.

Sparrowhawk - L'Épervier d'Europe

Goshawk - L'Autour des palombes

Peregrine Falcon – Faucon pèlerin

Kestrel - Faucon crécerelle

Common Buzzard - Buse variable

Black Shouldered Kite - Élanion blanc

Marsh Harrier - Busard des roseaux

Hen Harrier – Busard Saint Martin


Group two – Present in winter only

Merlin - Faucon émerillon

White Tailed Sea Eagle - Pygargue à queue blanche


Group three – migratory, not present in winter

Honey Buzzard - Bondrée apivore

Booted Eagle - Aigle botté

Short toed Eagle - Circaète Jean-le-Blanc

Black Kite – Milan Noir

Montagues Harrier - Busard cendré

Hobby - Faucon hobereau


Group four – migratory, only in autumn and spring when passing through.

Red Kite – Milan Royal

Osprey - Balbuzard pêcheur