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What to do if you find an injured / distressed bird, animal or other creature.

If you find an injured bird, make sure it is really injured before you act. Often the bird is simply stunned. It may fly away in a few minutes if you leave it alone or gently warm it in your hands. Birds often become stunned by flying into glass windows. 

Keep children and pets away from the injured bird. 

A young uninjured bird is rarely abandoned by its parent(s) who will continue to feed it. Should you find a young owl on the ground carefully place it in a safe place in the nearest tree (1 to 2 meters high) where it will be safe from predators, the parent will not be far away. 

Do not give an injured bird water directly..

Food should really only be offered if YOU KNOW what the bird eats. If you do offer food you may wet it a little with water.  

Raptors can be offered small pieces of raw chicken or minced beef although some such as Sparrow hawks are unlikely to feed. 

Baby birds of most small species can be offered small pieces of chopped earthworm, fishing maggots or similar grubs. 

​If You do offer food never force it and use blunt tweezers if possible. 

Be VERY careful with Hawks and Owls. Their sharp claws and beaks can do a lot of damage! Wear a pair of good gardening gloves or carefully wrap it in a soft towel. 

If the bird requires medical or skilled assistance prepare a cardboard box, choose something that suits the bird and be sure that it is not so big that the bird will be bounced around inside it during transportation. Make some holes for aeration, not too large, place some paper in the bottom. If possible mark the box: Oiseau vivant - Ne pas ouvrir - Manipuler avec précautions

Injured mammals can be difficult to assess but injuries such as broken limbs can be treated by some rescue centres - you would need to capture the creature and contain it somewhere quiet while seeking urgent further advice and assistance.  With larger animals such as deer and wild boar the  ONCFS   or your local  garde-chasse may be able to assist.

Abandoned baby mammals generally need specialised rearing but whatever the situation they must never be kept as pets which with almost all species would be illegal and rightfully so. The same applies to birds and reptiles.

Roe Deer and Hares will leave their young unattended for long periods of time.... 

Leave Them Where They Are and Don't Touch.

Guidance and help for bats.  HERE



List of rescue centres in France

Rescue centers in France for Hedgehogs

Poitou-Charentes below....

LPO Vienne 25 rue Victor Grignard - 86000 POITIERS - Tél. 05 49 88 55 22



Centre de Soins de la Faune Sauvage Poitevine  Office: 12 rue Marcel Pagnol 86100 Targé

Messages can be left here in English if necessary, Lydia will get back to you ASAP.

Hedgehogs only - Poitiers - Centre de soins et de réhabilitation des hérissons de Poitiers, Tél.

Charente Nature, Centre de Sauvegarde, La Borde, 16410 Torsac. Tél : 05 45 24 81 39. Map below.

Le Marais aux Oiseaux centre de sauvegarde. ​​Pôle-Nature du Marais aux Oiseaux, Les Grissotières - 17550 Dolus-d'Oléron. Tél. : 05 46 75 37 54 - Map below.

Marie Barbancey, 79410 Echiré.  Telephone only. 05 49 25 73 68