Lizards in France. 


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Lizards in France.
In France only the Slow worm Anguis fragilis and the Common Wall Lizard Podarcis Muralis can be found in all parts of France. Other species are only to be found in some regions and in more specific habitats with some such as the pyrenean rock lizards confined to very small areas


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  Photo.Green.lizard.France Lézard Vert 
Lacerta viridis
Green Lizard
  Lézard ocellé
Lacerta lepida
Ocellated Lizard
  Photo.Wall.lizard.France Lézard des Murailles
Podarcis Muralis
Common Wall Lizard
  Lézard Vivipare
Lacerta Vivipara
Viviparous Lizard
  Lézard Agile
Lacerta agilis
Sand Lizard
Anguis fragilis
Slow worm
  Large Psammodromus
Psammodromus algirus

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of Gecko in France

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