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Giant Orchid

Himantoglossum robertianum 

Orchis géant


Presence in France. See link below. Mediterranean species but moving north with climate change.

Height. 50cm to 80cm

Leaves.  lower leaves are oblong- ovate, forming a basal rosette, with the upper leaves lanceolate and clasping the stem and like the stem often with reddish-brown markings.

Flowers. Colour is very variable, from dark pink-purple to greenish-white. The individual flowers have an upper hood made up of 3 petals. The large lower lip usually with a lighter spotted center and darker margins, is divided into 3,

Flowering period. Very early Feburary - April

Soil type. Open ground with alkaline substrate, the Giant Orchid can also appear in open woodland and old olive groves; it likes plenty of sunshine.

Protection. None known






Link for this species including map for France